stress relief for your mental and physical health

All my therapies can give relief from stress and anxiety by providing a deeply relaxing sense of well-being. Obviously the more stressed you feel the harder it can be to relax so I bring a de-stress and meditation pre blended oil and specially recorded c.d's to help you drift away during treatment. 


I adore reflexology, not only because it sends me into a deep sleep but because it can be performed anywhere and has given so much benefit to so many of my friends and clients.


Foot reflexology: 60 mins £36

You can lie on your sofa or bed, or I can bring my reclining chair, as long as you are cosy and comfortable and I can see your feet then we're all set to go! I apply a reflexology wax and start with a foot massage to warm your feet up then thumb walk and press your reflex points while setting an intention to clear these areas of any blockages. Your calves are also walked and massaged so clothing needs to be loose up to your knees. 


Hand reflexology: 45min £27

We can sit face to face across a table with a pillow to rest your hands on or I can be by your side and work one hand then move over to treat the other. Your lower arm is also massaged up to your elbow.

indian head massage

Not just about the head! This treatment has been westernised and also includes upper body.


Indian head massage: 45min £27

I bring my chair with a low back perfect for accessing your upper back and shoulders. (Ladies can keep bra on if they'd prefer and slip arms out of straps.) Wrap up in a towel to keep warm and enjoy an upper body massage of back, shoulders, neck, arms and head. As the scalp is massaged you will get oily hair but this is great for conditioning so if you can, leave washing hair til next day. For those without hair the oils are still conditioning for skin so leave on for as long as can! The ear reflexology is a little free extra from me because I know it's so beneficial.

work place massage

UK organisations are losing an estimated £29 billion each year through work related absences (HR magazine 2016) Desk based workers are amongst the most affected clients with musculoskeletal problems (Mintel)


My work place massage can be tailored to individual businesses with regards space, time, amount of employees and range of mental and physical health benefits required.

I will visit your work and discuss options then if suitable arrange a one off treatment day and let you decide whether a regular massage day would be of benefit to your work force. Most work places pay the whole treatment cost and ask their employees to put a pound or two in a charity pot while other companies subsidise treatment cost and ask employees for a nominal fee towards the cost.


Work place massage: 15min £12

                                    20min £16 




If you have any questions about our treatments...

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